new england journey, dream by jeremy.rutman

    I was on a small train travellig through the woods in new england, around fall so the leaves were turning and it was beautiful ! I was up near the head of the train, and there were some cars full of fruit just behind - one with pears and one full of blueberries, these were open boxcars and I went back and got some blueberries . At some other point in the dream I was rushing to catch a train at some big station like you'd find maybe in chicago or boston . I was racing along the cobblestones and was taking longer and longer strides to the point that i was flying for long distances before footfalls, and then stopped making contact with the ground altogether. I couldnt stop and hit some stone wall but was not hurt by the impact.

    At another point someone was flying a UAV which I had grabbed, and although i weighed it down and it started dropping I was still afforded a grand view of the city and woods. The flier pulled me over a big green park and managed to set me down in a tree. The flier was there and we talked a bit about techniques of using UAVs to fly people about.