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    The cop, the belt and the onesie, dream by wombknower -- Aug. 9, 2012

    Phase 1:  Cop in the House
    I return home, to the home I am living in now, only to find that a police officer has entered the house. She is a Black woman. She has made herself right at home! She is in my house, inviting people in for some sort of administrative process. I tell her that this is my house, and that she has no right to be there! She tries to make light of the situation by explaining what she is doing, but I am having none of it. She then warns me that there are drug users in the area behind my back yard as well as the area beside my neighbour's home. I didn't know this. I thank her for the information and then remind her that she is still in my house illegally and she has to go!

    Phase 2:  That cheap, intriguing, Black Belt
    I am in a store that sells cheap clothes and cheap accessories - like Ardene or Claire's. I am at the counter looking at some belts. There is a cute black belt with a silver buckle that catches my eye. It is unusual, in that the clasp is not the traditional style (stick the little rod into the hole) ... I am not sure if I want to buy it, but I am examining it closely, turning it over in my hands. The young woman at the counter is observing me, puzzled that I am spending so much time on a decision that will cost me $1! She tells me to just buy it! If I don't like it, I have only lost $1! I tell her that that kind of logic results in people wasting a lot of money. She will understand when she is older.

    Phase 3: Excited! But double-booked!! In a onesie!
    In the store, there is a large table, like a dining table. Getting seated at the table are 5 Black women. One of them is my ex-girlfriend, M. The other is a young woman I know from a non-profit I used to work with. The others are members of a youth group I sometimes facilitate. Everyone is excited about a trip that we are going on. We are going to the Rainbow Retreat. M is excited too! I am excited, until I realize that I have invited someone else, D, to come along! M and D are expecting to spend time with me and I have double booked. Awkward! Those of us sitting at the table realize that we are all wearing onesies. We are all cozy and it is almost like we are in our way to a teenaged slumber party! I feel excited, anxious, and awkward...