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    grandma falls down from balcony, dream by kaizoku -- May 20, 2013

    I'm on the balcony of my parent's flat. i can see my blind grandma she is in another flat and is going to leave this flat and make a step to the balcony (another one), but there is no balcony, actually, just after the door - emptyness. I'm shouting to stop her, but it never helps. She's mumbling something like "let me do what i want to do..." and with melodramatic gesture and face expression she falls down (it is 5th floor!!). i go back from the balconi to my parents flat to go downstairs to check what is it with my grandma. i'm ungry of her stupid behavior - she doesnt listen to me. but at some point i forget where i was going and i start to do something else. after some time my brother and father appears, i remind the story with grandma, and i ask them to go with me. When we go downstairs, and trying to enter the yard we saw a servise car, wich was working in the yard (diging the pit). A women tells us that we cann not pass, because it is dangerous. My father starts talking to this woman. i start running and shouting "grandmaaaa..." succesfully pass this women. i found grandma, she looks like sleeping. i touch her and asking if she is ok, she doesn't answer. she doesnt looks like died - no blood at all. i turn her and see that she looks ok, just small wound on her shoulder. she starts waking up and mumbling something again. all the time i feel ungry