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    Living in Boston again, dream by millka -- Feb. 16, 2014

    I am going to Boston again, I go back to my former lab to drop the computer I have to return to them at some point. I then go out of the building and start going towards home. On the way, I realise that I do not live in Boston anymore, and therefore my appartement is certainly not accessible since some other people, that I do not know (my old roomate left recently) live there now.
    So I try to contact my friend Katy who lives nearby, I am not stressed at all, because I know so many folks in Boston, and some of them live ver near the lab. Also, I know that if I can not contact them on time, I can always go back to the lab and either go sleep at someone else's place (from the lab) or sleep at the lab.
    I take out my cell phone, and realise that, shit, the cell phone is French, French sim card, etc. So I try to use wifi. At some point I figure ok I can send a text with the french network, won't bo so bad.

    Somehow I finally get a hold of Katy. We meet somewhere and start heading to her place. On the way we stop to a Bakery and get some cookies and cakes. We also stop by a spa, for some reason. Actually I think she did come and meet me at the spa. I am looking for all sort of free stuff to do at the spa. It seems like after you paid for entrance, all you can do is keep paying for other stuff (baths, massagfes, etc).

    I take an awesome shower of milk with crushed cherry seeds. So good and smooth and cleaning my skin nicely. My friend doesn't want to do it. She is not so fun in the dream, even if she is in real life.


    by mikele March 26, 2014, 9:24 a.m.

    Hi millka!
    thanks for sharing that dream! It sounds like you regularly have dreams about your life in Boston, going back there, but realising things have changed and that these times are over. But here things don't seem so bad, though the French cellphone still works and you can send texts, and you are having fun at the spa, Your friend, on the other hand, seems to not be having so much fun. Could your friend represent, here, a part of you that is not so satisfied with being in France ? Or something else ?
    thanks :)