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    don't get caught/shot!, dream by misschocolaw -- July 27, 2012

    I know I was in a deep sleep. I was at a Blocko (street bbq/party). In front of this a big house. Little did I know it was my house, until men in many cars drove in front of the house I was standing and took out big guns (I'm pretty sure they were AKs). When I saw the gun I ran into my house, and so did some other people... shots fired, everyone ran into my house. As I entered the house there were already people sitting in there. There was a room with a group of men I know (family members of my partner) so I went in there thinking it to be a place of security. They were so loud, carrying on with jokes and yelling over each other drinking beers as if they did not realize the assassination plot unfolding right outside. I asked them to be quiet as there were men looking to kill me and if they continued I would be found for sure... they couldn't hear me... I ran into what seemed like my room. There was a huge walk in closet with a back door... I pushed it open... there was a separate house (like a secret level) with rooms. I ran into a room there were children playing. I told them to play a silent game as I was playing hide and seek... they did... I heard closer gun shots.
    I woke up in a cold sweat.


    by wombknower Aug. 10, 2012, 8:04 p.m.


    From a personal perspective first:

    Funny, I actually read this dream before I created the dream group. It felt very familiar to me because in my city, recently, there was a shooting at a street party which really rattled the community. Blockos are familiar to me, and in my life, waking and dreaming, I have had the experience of needing people to change their behaviour so that I could remain safe. For me, it has been extremely anxiety raising when someone else is not able to protect me because they are too busy having fun.

    Now, here are the different reflections I have about your dream. These are the things that stuck out for me as significant dream elements.

    1. Your house was the safe house.
    2. People in your safe place were oblivious to the danger because they were having fun.
    3. Their actions - their fun - could have got you found out, so you needed to get in a much safer place -- deeper inside the house
    4. Another secret place.. a safe place within a safe place
    5. The children in that room listened to your need for them to be quieter - the children were more trustworthy than the men in the room
    6. But the danger still approaches.

    What do you make of the different layers of safety that you had to access in order to feel safer? first the house, then the living room, the your room, then a secret room.. very very deep within this place...?

    Looking forward to working with you on this dream. It is pretty pregnant with meaning, in my view.