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    Trucks, dream by mikele -- March 16, 2013

    There were several trucks in this dream. One truck was in the trees, with a large colorful advertisement on it. In fact the truck seems hooked up between the branches of two trees. Somehow the branches open up, and it seems the advertisement stretches. I am surprised because a truck cannot stretch, but then I realize that the middle part of the truck is not really a truck but some flexible material.

    Then, as I am watching from a higher point, a toyish truck backs up slowly towards the edge of a high cliff overlooking the sea. The truck is expected to take delivery of something, from the sea or the air. It backs up one more step, one too much, and one of the back wheels gets off the cliff. I think to myself: "how stupid can these guys be". Eventually, all the wheels come off and the truck falls. I am surprised that they really were so stupid.



    by mikele March 17, 2013, 9:29 a.m.

    Now that I read this dream again, I think the truck failing off the cliff and the 'idiots'represent some aspect of a project I am working on that may go wrong if some people don't pay enough attention to something.

    Dreams asks me to take action ?