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    Dad, dream by millka -- Sept. 29, 2012

    Last night I had this dream.
    It ended with me being a student at Harvard. Everything looked like I was an undergrad, but since in reality I am FAR from being an undergrad I think I rationalized, during the dream or after that I must have been a graduate student.
    A friend of mine who, in real life, did his PhD the same place I did mine. Joined me at Harvard. I was surprised to see him here.
    Jean, what are you doing here. I got a grant to come here. Awesome! Congratulations. Except I needed to spend the grant from 2009-2013 (in my dream we are in the real date - 09/2012). Ha, this is crazy, you got a grant to study here the past 3 years, but you were not here.
    So, Jean was here at Harvard with me. Trying to catch up with the past 3 years. Not sure how he was going to achieve this. As we speak, the frame of the dream shifts slightly, we are now brother and sister. An expensive fancy car is coming towards us and stops. A lady opens the door, she has a fut coat, high heels, etc. She is out mother. We laugh because since we are sitting on a concrete area, on the floor, it is unlikely that she will come to us. Too dirty for her. So we laugh for ourselves, then we make fun or her openly. So she finally comes and hugs us. She is very snob, but of course she likes us, since we are her kids. I ask about dad, is he still in the car. Yes, of course he is on his blackberry. It's funny, I was kind of offended that out mum wouldn't come to us on the ground. But I am not upset that my dad does not exit the car. I go there, around it. I find him on his seat, working on his phone. I call "dad" he knows it's me, I know that he knows, and we both know how happy we are going to be when our gaze crosses. He sees me and get a brilliant smile. We have a way to talk to each other that is soft and passionate at the same time. And we know what the other is thinking. A very very nice feeling. He gets out of the car. He is SO tall. 2 heads taller than me. I jump in his arms and he kind of rocks me in his arms. Again, super nice feeling. his hair is very dark. And I think I just whisper "dad" a couple of times. This is how I woke up from the dream.

    I am teaching for this Law school professor (for whom I teach in real life) the same class I taugh over the summer. But now we are using a different text book. A big one. We have only 2 even if the teaching staff is 3 people: me, the prof and another TA. Fun fact: the other TA if my real-life boy-friend, who doesn't really know the area, or is even in the same town as I am. He has the second text book, so I don't have one. I am trying to get one going to librairies. I also try to get a hold of him so I can borrow the book. But somehow it is impossible. The phones break, when I see him, he disappears, we give each other meeting points and we miss them. So weird. This is when I meet my friend from grad school and my parents arrive. When they arrive I am thinking, "oh I should ask them to buy me that book" but in fact, the relationship I have with them is so rare and so loving that asking for money seems stupid and petty. I do not dare. I also never ask for money to my parents even tho they are loaded.

    there is more, I have to remember, but need to run now