Why keep a dream journal ?

There are many possible reasons to keep a dream journal.

It is a little like keeping a diary, but for your dream life. A dream journal is a tool that helps you connect to parts of your life that are below the threshold of consciousness during waking time.

Take advantage of your online journal as a tool for dreamwork and sharing with others. Use modern analysis features to watch and engage in the evolution of your dreamworld and your waking life.

How can I remember my dreams ?

Most dream content vanishes soon after waking up, so it is worthwhile having a pencil and a notebook, or any device readily available to record your dreams as soon as you wake up. This can be for example a laptop computer, a voice recorder, a tablet or a smart phone.

To prepare for better dream recall, you can set your intention to dream and to remember your dreams as you go to sleep. Upon waking, remain in your bed, eyes closed, and rehearse your dreams a few times while you stay still, paying attention to the feelings, characters, objects, actions and places. Then, rise and record your dreams into your journal. You can also share your dreams with your partner, if they are willing to listen. As you practice sharing and writing, your ability to access and recall your dream content will improve.

When you first write your dream down, you do not need to have a perfect draft. Try to record enough of the narrative, details and feelings so that you can rework your text later that day, or even some other day. Try the upload by email function through the account section.

Who can see my entries ?

Privacy is paramount to the operation of this site and the dreamsfield takes its privacy policy seriously. All your entries and related information entered on your online journal are private by default. The dreamsfield holds your dream journal and you manage your sharing options.

In the future, the dreamsfield may pursue collaborative relationships with academic and research institutions. In this case we may want to share the dream reports and entries you have uploaded. We will only do so after asking for your permission and receiving your explicit instruction authorizing us to do so.

Where are my dreams ?

The site is hosted by alwaysdata with secure servers in Europe. Data is backed up on a regular basis.

How can I donate ?

The site is not for profit and does not run banner ads. The dreamsfield is currently supported by private donations. If you would like to donate, please contact the administrator at thedreamsfield.net.

What are the goals of the site ?

Our goals are:

  1. To enhance general public awareness of the importance of dreams, the unconscious and their relation to waking life.
  2. To facilitate and encourage dream journaling.
  3. To provide a tool for dream work within groups.
  4. To encourage the creation of dream centered communities.

Does this site provide counseling or therapy ?


This site does not provide psychological counseling or therapy; its users should not attempt to provide counseling or any other form of care. If you feel distressed and need personal help, please consult with a health professional or contact emergency services in your area.
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