lost and cant get on my way, dream by jeremy.rutman -- June 6, 2020

    I was in some sort of art school gathering or maybe end of year show and party. I had arranged to give a ride home to a few friends. I noticed it was raining and there was no back window to the beetle, but rather a canvas flap that was unzipped and rain was pouring in. I went back to get my things as I had some clothes stashed in a frawer in a room up on the left in this upward sloping hallway, but I got sidetracked on the way in a game of chess with this kid who insisted on making two moves in one which led to some annoyance and a lot of lost time, and I was getting worried about giving the ride I had promised. I tried going back to get my clothes again but once again was sidetracked taking a wrong turn and putting on the wrong clothes which it turned out belonged to DG who I found at one point, he showed my his camp stove system which he claimed gave an annoying, detectable taste of silane, this all occurring at an outdoor cooking setup where some other gas burners had been setup. I extracted myself from this situation and continued trying to get to my room and noticed I was naked having returned DGs clothes. The hallway where I need to go up had become increadibly steep to the point where I could not get up, and when looking for alternate routes I went down then back up but now I found myself in one of the end-of-year shows where a series of doors were opened to reveal an artwork comprising a lot of semitransparent panels with pictures of soldiers and captives, which could move in simple movements to make primitive animations. I raced out and into a hall having some people and let out a howl of frustration and fear, certain I would never be able to find my way out; I howled in real life, waking myself up and anyone in my building, i imagine