Mission statement

The dreamsfield endeavors to enhance general public awareness of the unconscious and its relation to waking life, and to provide a place for users to maintain a dream journal. The site provides a forum where members can share and discuss dreams within chosen groups. The dreamsfield gives users the possibility to explore their inner world and that of others in order to foster growth within themselves and the community at large.

Driving principles

Functionality and content are driven by the following principles:

  • The ultimate goal of the dreamsfield is to enhance general public awareness of the importance of dreams, the unconscious and their relation to waking life.
  • The dreamsfield is a peaceful place where dreamers are invited to tend to their dreams without distractions.
  • This site is non-commercial and not for profit. We do not run ads.
  • Privacy is very important here and users have the choice to keep their entries private, visible within specified groups or visible to any visitors of the site.
  • The dreamsfield does not share user data with any third party unless explicitly authorized by the user or required by law.
  • The site is a tool to help and encourage people to spend time with and tend to their dreams.
  • The dreamsfield is a place where meaningful discussion and feedback can be given and received. The dreamsfield does not promote a particular approach to dreamwork or theory. However, many approaches to dream work are represented here.
  • The site provides an option for online dream groups.


User entries are meant to be reports of experiences that reflect interaction with the unconscious. Dreams, lucid dreams, active imagination, synchronistic events and déjà vu are examples of such experiences, and are encouraged to be recorded here.

Interactions between users should be respectful and guiding rather than judgmental and directive. We recommend that members of the site follow the ethical guidelines provided by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).

Any material deemed in contradiction to the Guidelines and the purpose of the site will be removed. If you have concerns about a posting, please contact the administrators at admin@thedreamsfield.net.

Please refer to the FAQ for further clarification.


Questions can be directed to the administrator at admin@thedreamsfield.net.

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