bloody body parts, dream by Sab -- Oct. 5, 2014

    As I am walking, I am the witness of a horrible scene : a man has been hurt by a car and severely injured. That's very violent. Now I see the victim lay on the floor, except the guy is now divided into 2 parts : the legs and the rest of its body. It's all bloody and the victim, which is still alive, is yelling.
    The police is coming and they take him in an ambulance . They ask me to join him as I am the only witness.
    We arrive at the hospital very quickly . But the Doctors are looking for the legs, they say they can fix them when it's still "fresh". But the policemen forgot to take the legs at the crime scene.
    So the medical staff is urging me to get back there and bring the missing legs. So I find myself back at the accident location and I am putting the bloody body sections into a large sport bag and walking back at the hospital.