Fording Waters, dream by ShogunRyudan13 -- June 17, 2014

    In this dream, I was together with someone else in the middle of a swamp. Although I could not determine the person's identity, I knew this person was female. She told me someone was lost and we were the rescue party send to find the missing person. It appears, this missing person was very familiar to me, so I was highly motivated to help in the search-and-rescue mission. We were well equipped for the journey, dressed in plastic waders, rubber boots, and backpacks with survival gear.

    Wading through the swamp was arduous. We crawled waste deep in water underneath tree branches, pushing through thick growths of waterplants, and going around large boulders. After hours of wading, we finally found the person we were looking for. The swamp had narrowed to a small stream, where the water was only knee deep. The water was surprisingly clear, without thick undergrowth. Trees provided more space, their branches high above our heads. Although unidentifiable, this person was male and quite young, perhaps a teenager between 14 and 16. He was very relieved to see us. He told us, there were wild animals in the water and he was scared. We told him not to worry and we would bring him back home safely. So he began on his way back, followed by the female teammate, with me following behind. Then,I looked behind me into the water. There just behind me, I saw an alligator, lying in ambush. I considered ourselves lucky, for had we gotten too close to the alligator, it would have eaten us.

    Then, my dream transferred me to a different scene. I was at the edge of a large river. The waters were rushing past me. On the surface, I could see a lot of white water (usually a sign of strong currents). I was with a group of three other friends. We were all young boys and discovered that this river would make a great dare game. So, whoever would stay behind on the riverbed would be called a chicken. All three of my friends jumped into the river, and as I was not to be called a cowered, I jumped in as well. Vigorously, we swam diagonally against the current, so that we could cross the river without straying too far off target. Finally, we reached the other side of the river! Although energetically drained, we were all safe and in good spirits. I vividly remember seeing the grins on the faces of my friends. I grinned too. Clearly we felt the effects of an adrenaline rush. Overcoming such a dangerous obstacle, we flirted with death, but overcame it. I woke up feeling quite good. At the same time I thought, "what got into me to do something so dangerous?"