The end of the world has begun, dream by mikele -- Sept. 15, 2010

    In New York City, I am walking with a friend, someone I respect, perhaps SG. It is sunny and warm. The houses are low constructions with cylindrical roofs - of large radius. Houses are black, grayed by the sun and dust. I feel comfortable there. I tell him proudly about my cousin J who was the head psychologist of the state of New York. Then, I am at the hotel, a nice room towards the top of the tower building, with a great view on the sea. The end of the day is coming. Sky is beautifully lit, the pinkish blue of the sunset. The sea looks calm, but the end of the day is there, the end of the world. It should be scary but I seem to accept it, enjoying the beauty of the view. It also, seems the earth is breaking, there are large cracks with burning lava showing up, apparently flowing into the sea. And then, I realize that 'it started', there was an atomic explosion somewhere, although the view remains beautiful. I then take the elevator down. I can see the dark dirty walls as I go down, but I don't got very far before waking up, scared.