eternally falling elevator, dream by jeremy.rutman -- Aug. 28, 2014

    I am at a police station or some type of bureaucratic office. An official behind a desk is berating me - he has gone online and found my website. On the basis of this site he has conjured an elaborate scenario wherein I am not actually a patent attorney, but am using the site as a front for a dating site. For some reason this is an implied infraction, and though I take it with amusement it seems the official has real power irrespective of my jocularity. A more sinister edge of my alleged plan is then revealed, a deception behind the deception wherein drugs or weapons or the like are run using the dating site behind the patent attorney site. I find myself imprisoned in an elevator that slowly lowers down, ever downward. I see flickers of light from around the sides of the elevator which is not closed entirely. This then is my punishment - to be lowered down into eternity. A vague memory of a grown man I knew as a child floats through my mind, perhaps he will fleetingly recall me before all is lost irrevocably. I am sad, bitter that all memory of me will be lost.