kidnapping, dream by Sab -- June 17, 2014

    We are in a resort, in some kind of family holidays with a large beach.
    The place is not charming at all. Very industrial.
    Our daughter G is missing.
    We’re all looking for her; a friend of mine, K, tells us that she saw her with a couple Grace and Philippe (which I've nerver met or even heard about before).
    She said that she might have been raped by them because they desperately are wanting to be the parents of a little girl.
    She's mentionning this as if it was natural, like "don't worry, she'll be fine with them".
    Then we're in a car and the boys are so exited and happy :they can see G, playing in another beach. Philippe and Grace are in the reef, a few meters away from her. We're urging her to join us in the car, to escape.We're talking to her through the window.
    She doesn't want to, she keeps telling how this couple is being kind to her; she has been spoiled and she likes this.She doesn't seem to realize she's been taken away from us.