The Ray, dream by ShogunRyudan13 -- June 12, 2014

    The dream took place in a dark forest illuminated by a full moon. So the trees closest to me were lit brightly by a faint white light. Thus I was able to see the trees and grasses in sharper detail than those trees standing farther away. In fact, the trees closest to me were very sharp and detailed, showing the trunk, branches, and leaves. Trees farther away from me however, grew more blurry, gradually fading away into a purple light, then darkness.

    Somewhere further deeper in the forest, I came upon a lake. The water reflected the moonlight, that was now obscured by clouds. Curiously, inside the lake, I saw a thin yellow or golden ray extending toward the sky at an angle (perhaps 45 to 50 degrees). As I waded into the lake, I discovered it was shallow, only ankle deep. So, I decided to investigate this ray. At a closer distance, the ray appeared slightly transparent. Clearly, the ray terminated in the lake. But its source extended far up into the sky and was obscured by the clouds.

    Approaching the ray, it appeared to consist of bright light, while being slightly transparent. But before I touched it, a voice called out saying, "this is the ray of trust!" My curiosity heightened I wanted to play around with this ray. So, I extended my arm and tried to, have it shine on my hand, preventing it from reaching the water. To my surprise, my hand could not penetrate the ray. Rather, it felt like solid metal, similar a cable bridge. Vigorously, I tried to move it around, but it was solid. In fact, it was so taut, that it did not even wobble! I woke up from this dream marveling at the rigidity of this ray, despite its initial fragile appearance.