Perilous walk, dream by cosmos -- June 8, 2014

    I found myself in a mountain community, with dense housing, but no industry or commercial activity, including recreational. So, as I was walking through the neighborhood, I wondered how these people maintained their lifestyles here? Was this another bedroom community (aka suburbia), if so, how did such communities exist since getting to this place through winding roads takes forever to get near any type of urban landscape. In any case, I was walking behind my friend Patrycya, she and her boyfriend, Malcolm, are avid climbers/hikers. He was not there, but she was, she kept turning around to check if I wasn't too far behind and whether I was still following, I guess. I signalled to her that I'm ok, and to proceed as we were. But somehow, even though I was behind her, I managed to control in what direction we were walking, and it was starting to feel more ominous. The weather was cool grey, with dappling yellowing leaves twinkling in the breeze, the type of weather that usually precedes a storm and heavy rain. But we continued forward. We came upon a narrowing path, overlooking a very steep cliff, from where you can see the valley below, like those beautiful images of quaint Swiss and Austrian mountain landscapes. But as we proceeded, the path got more and more narrow, and by the time we were halfway through to the other side full of housing on flat terrain, we were both clutching to the wooden wall that served as a barrier for people who lived in these multi-unit housing blocks from falling off the cliff. As I thought about turning back while tightly clutching the wooden wall, scared that I may get splinters and tear up my hands, desperately holding onto these wooden walls, I noticed that Patrycja was cursing me under her breath, frustrated that the walk was turning so difficult. Although she was a more experienced hiker, accustomed to such jagged hillsides, I felt bad that I forced her into this path, even though she was ahead of me the whole time. Once I realized that it made no difference if we went back or forward, I decided to go forward. Each step was frightening, more so each time I managed to look down below me and feel and hear small rocks fall below in diminishing echoes. My grip also got tighter to the point that it became increasingly difficult to maneuver my hands in sync with my feet to move toward the other side. I just blindly proceeded, because to do otherwise would have meant that I would follow the small rocks to the abyss below and end up crushed who knows where as coyote meat down below. It just never occurred to me that somehow there would be advanced rescue teams available to rescue me should I have even survived such a fall. But before I knew it, I found myself on the other side, on a flat grassy field where children were loudly playing various games of tag, jump rope, and hopscotch. When I realized that my hands were free from the wooden wall, I slumped back against the wall of another housing unit and started breathing convulsively as it felt like I held my breath in the whole time I was walking along that edge of death. Patrycja kept walking ahead of me, but I just didn't have the energy to call her to wait. I noticed that she looked behind her to check that I had made it to the other side, but then she went on her way. I also felt that if I asked her to wait, then it would delay in her reunion with Malcolm, even though I wasn't even sure he was in the village. At this point, I think I woke up, breathing hard, and a heavy feeling in my stomach. Had an appointment in the morning so I rushed to get ready, but the dream dogged me all day, visions recurring in the back of my head.


    by Sab June 13, 2014, 10:42 a.m.

    Thanks Cosmos for sharing your dream.
    This is so impressive that you can actually remember all these details. This seems so real...

    Interesting the guilt you feel toward your friend P as you're leading this too challenging trail.

    Interesting also the way you stubbornly want to move forward despite the difficulties.

    Looking for a big challenge?
    Tell me if I am wrong, but do you think this dream can be related with your recent Triathlon registration?