Family Mexico, dream by millka -- May 13, 2014

    Was in a family, I think american. They were cheap and probably not very comfortable with money. we went to hostels and other places, had some food. was never very interesting or satisfying and the atmosphere and discussion with them was not very interesting. I think they also had another boy who was not initially from the family. They were treating him differently that their own daughter. But they weren't mean or anything, it was all understood that since ressources were scarce he should be careful. we stopped at a bar and we had only one juice, for the daughter and the rest of us had water. The boy also bought his summer school book (carnet de vacances).
    I kept trying to go to the bathroom but it was working. either it was broken, or the door wouldn't close or other reasons. In any case, I finally find one bathroom near another familly. Two parents and one young daughter. These guys were so much more interesting and free and liberated. In fact, the mother at some point hides part of her face behind a pole and when she gets out of it, I see her face as being very narrow. it is afunny illusion. Then I do the same to her.

    Prior to that, there was something about haging out with some people, former coleagues. I am with a group and we collectively decide to see former colleagues. we call Eric Burguiere who in my dream is called something else. he agrees to come hang out, in fact, I think he is leaving soon and gives me some stuff and talks about it.

    People talk about going to a very delicious induan restaurant and then somehow it is decided not to.

    There was a lot of thinking about independance in that dream I think. because of my impression it wil be tough here. But actually it is only a few days, so no worries.