flat apple, dream by millka -- April 21, 2014

    Several dreams, not in order

    Dream 1:

    supermarket with friends of Helene who are visiting. they speak Spanish they are from south america. It is one man two women. I say hi to the man, then to the first woman and then the other one is so so so short, so I squat to say hi, but she seems busy (I think someone else is finishing to say hi to her) I stay like that for a time that becomes embarrassing. When she finally finishes it is my time to say hi, and then... she stands up! She wasn't short, she was squatting as well. Surprising to me. We are going to go for lunch for for some reason, Helene decides that we need to go to a grocery store/supermarket nearby. She prints something from there, a map probably. I notice the high quality of the printing, color with really nice paper. Which is silly for a place like this where people print stuff to throw them away. And I am thinking I should come here when I need to print. Then we all go in the rows, not sure what they do, but I decide that it would be nice for me to have a snack before going for lunch. I am thinking a fruit, because fruits are good to wake up your stomach. You should always eat fruits before lunch or dinner never as desert. I wanted something better and more interesting but my choice falls on an apple. All the fruits are kind of rotten. I manage to find an apple that is kind of ok. I try to put it in my pocket, then I think why not eat it right there. And my alibi, if someone finds me eating the apple.. I need a bag with a price tag on it to show that I Am going to pay at the cashier. So anyway, first I try to put is in a pocket. I wear that orange jacket that has double pockets, the pockets are too small. Therefore I need to flatten the apple for it to fit. And strangely, that apple does flatten. but then I think about the other option of eating it right there. SO I do that too.

    The story of these guys is, one of the woman is looking for a job. The other guy came here to help because he apparently knows the US. They have asked Helene because they think she is a specialist of recruiting. I want to let them know that I Was doing executive search, because I feel like I can help her more than anyone around. But someone the right time to tell them never comes. The time is never right. And I Don't like pushing things.

    Dream 2:

    Prior to that, I was staying for one night at a place that is an office. But they put some beds and other night stuff for us. We are in another country to visit my older sister. It is NOT japan but has all the characteristics of Japan. In particular, the fact that we don't understand what is written on the signs, the metro stops, etc. We are staying on a suite, with two room inside that office building. It is apparently where my brother in law works. Although earlier in the dream that was also where my office was. In particular I Was working there with Patrick my former postdoc adviser.
    I worked with him fine this time. He tries to call me. I am not sure where phone numbers are but someone helps me. He has so much to do, speaking to investors, and bosses, etc. I am good at helping him. I prepare work that he can use. We have a good relationship, trust and productive.

    Dream 3:

    With Anais in car, the car goes and drive on the side of the road, that side is grounds plus grass VERY tilted. The car almost inverts and knocks over.
    We are on our way to a really cool place in nature where to spend the weekend.