My idea to give water to the dog, dream by mikele -- Dec. 10, 2010

    I am in the kitchen in Paris, with my family, in particular my farther. The dog is there and upset, it is missing something. Nobody seems to care 'cause the dog has food in his bowl. Blue rubber type bowl. But also looks a little empty. Anyhow - no body pays attention to the dog, 'cause there seems to be no reason for it to be wining, so all are ignoring its wining. I say something is wrong with the dog, but people ignore me as well as if i am saying bullshit, especially my dad, they even get upset at it, that I say something about the situation. The dog also comes to my lap, putting its two front paws on me, and looking me deep in the eyes. It has these dark brown eyes, looking at me, wondering hat exactly is going on. But then I realize that it doesn't have water in its bowl, and that it is thirsty. So I go to give it some water. At the same time, my dad also gets up and fills one of these duralex glasses with water, as if he is in competition with me. Puts it in the gos bowl, where I put the water well. The dog goes to the glass and sticks its muzzle in and the water splashes.