Guest makes trouble, dream by mikele -- Oct. 23, 2010

    I have a guest. Looks like Vincent Desjacques, from somewhere like Germany, Austria or Switzerland. But he looks more like Vincent Souchon from my year at Jussieu. So we are at my home, but there is some nice "place", a little sandy and pebbly, light colors. The house of the neighbors is there, pretty, red flowers by a fountain on their wall. We are on our way to somewhere, but my guest decides to take water from their fountain. I don't feel happy about it since the neighbors may complain, but eventually let him do. Neighbor women comes out, blond in her fifties but not ugly. She looks complaining a little, mais ce n'est pas grave. Then my guest is actually bathing in the fountain, and covering himself with the sand. I am a little embarrassed, but not too much. The neighbor looks out with the head moving in a nono manner. Then we are invited inside, seems like a way for redemption. I help the daughter - pretty blond girl although a little chubby - open the fridge or something, but I have to hold the clothes line and get myself entangles in the clothes and bras strings a little [like i got entangled with my triangle for my right arm.] I am there helping with this clothes line, and all are moving onto their business.