The Lady Rialto , dream by jeremy.rutman

    I was getting some parts for an electric car, parts I've been carting around for years . I wanted them to take up north where I was doing some project with some friends.
    So I went to the shed outside the house I grew up in , to get the parts
    It was being remodeled, turned into some sort of venue
    I pulled the metal chain to turn on a light and got an electric shock
    I told this to the foreman , who said it was under control

    WHile the workers were bending sheet metal , they were listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival, a song I had never heard before about a train the 'Lady Rialto'

    She told me not to choose just any old track
    She's not gonna stop for you and she's coming up fast
    here she comes, the Lady Rialto
    A red-haied fox on the Lady Rialto