eyes in the moon, dream by jeremy.rutman

    I was watching someone working in an open pit mine of some sort. She was a tractor operator, running a new kind of tractor which had four wheels that could move in a alking motion, two 'feet' at a time, but weirdly the two mving feet (wheels) were on the same side - front left and back left up, the front left back left down, then right etc. After a time the wheels detached from the body of the tractor and started moving along through the pit on their own, the miner being inside one of the (very large) wheels. Then I suppose in a different dream or after a middle section I can't recall, I was after a late night and going in to some sort of work I think. The outdoor approach to the building was a large shallow body of water and i was moving along rapidly , either by flying or somehow propelling myself, dragging my finger in the water and making an interesting wave, as I had the feeling i was being watched and wanted to make a 'cool' impression. I looked up at the moon and saw two irises of human eyes in the moon. i remarked upon this to someone nearby (there were a few people here and there in the water) and he said something along the lines of it being an optical effect and in any case he wouldnt be able to understand my thoughts / perceptions