coop, dream by jeremy.rutman -- Aug. 8, 2020

    I was at some big commercial theme park with a group. I decided to head off and reached some part of the park which was more grassroots - there someone gave me a pamphlet about the negative effects of sugar and protein (which i took to imply meat) in ones diet. I continued on and got wind of a 'direct action' of protest that might take place. I got back to the main park in the meanwhile and met up again with my group but at some point broke off again, feeling strong and independent, and went to where i'd heard of the direct action. There I saw the place was actually the coop house where I'd lived in college, a unique place full of fascinating people and with a hippy vibe. A guy I knew from back in the day was in the dining hall and I went to meet him but just as i was about to call his name 'hey nick cowell' he himself said 'hey the other nick cowell' and went over to meet someone else whose name apparently was also nick cowell. I wandered about a bit and heard the thesis music piece being done by a grad student, it was a song with music video he was going to have to defend. I remember thinking, its the people that make this place , without them its just a house.