having a gas, dream by jeremy.rutman -- July 30, 2020

    I was with my high school friends driving around (which was a favored activity back then) . Trey, Andre, Kelly me and i think one or two others. We were in some kind of car with a flamethrower attachment. Andre started to do doughnuts in reverse at extreme speed in a parking lot, i was terrified we'd crash but didnt want to say anything. We somehow survived and drove past some gas factory where i guess we had stolen gas or something, as we passed someone there blasted us with a flamethrower blast. I held up some metal as a shield. As we continued driving i had the brilliant idea to make a tinfoil helmet which would render me impervious to the next flame blast , so we'd be able to make another pass and have our revenge. High school hijinks with my close friends from when friends were really close.