becuz, dream by jeremy.rutman -- May 24, 2020

    after a section i cant recall, i was in a large hall with a hotel-style kitcen/foyer attached, and was trying to arrange a tryst with ll before she had to fly out the next day. i could find the light and had to keep rummaging around, making sure i had my keys in this green coat to reassure myself. there was some sort of radio device that had a kind of face display on it, the face was composed of a bunch of individual tiles. A taut muscled face of a woman who had seen hard times and hard work was shown, she was asking for some kind of help. Another woman answered her call with an offer of some sort but as the details went on it became clear the offer was missing some info, causing the image of the hardworking woman to miss another piece and become more diaraanged, it was tragic.I did get the lights on but woke up before the tryst happened.