Russian helicopter, dream by mikele -- May 22, 2020

    I ended up flying a Russian combat helicopter. It cost a billion, or eight billion dollars. I was showing how the canons that are mounted in front can follow the gaze. I was moving some element at the level of the pilot eyes, and the canons were coupled with that movement. The young man I am showing this to is impressed. It’s very cool tech.
    We fly until we reach some barrier: the road just closed in front of me. A whitemetal barrier, white with a door. I have to stop the helicopter just before it as we land. We get out. Some other people of our group who came in other vehicles land unhindered after me. We all get out, th ok’ing what to do. Someone suggests I should shoot the barrier with the cannons. Someone asks the person who was flying with me how much it costs. He is higher up, by some building or store. He seems to say, a little panicked, I don’t know! As if he wants to have nothing to do with me or the helicopter. But it’s a lie because he did come.