construction, dream by jeremy.rutman -- May 10, 2020

    I was at a construction site, I think inside some massive pit . Enormous sections of pipe were being put into position, their somewhat ragged ends of slightly differing diameter being lined up and the entire construction forming something of a square. At one time, all the sectios of pipe were somehow hoisted over to a different positions, all at once in a synchronous movement that I imagined was very tough to execute. I went over to some sort of supervisor's truck where this Russian guy in charge was looking at a bunch of tv screens over the back seat to oversee operations . The driver started the truck and we with some others on board started driving along. I spoke to the supervisor about the maximum pressure one could put on a piece of metal, opining the obvious, that the limit is determined by the modulus of the matieral. The sliding door of the truck or van was open and the driver seemed not to avoid some obvious rough sections of dirt, almost flipping us over at one point. The supervisor jumped out and started runnign parallel to the truck until we finally got to his house where I imagined we were going to eat some home cooked russian food. At this point I woke up.