shared house, dream by jeremy.rutman

    I was in a little college town , something like Austin TX, and for unknown reasons was changing clothes on someone else's property - the lawn of a house where there seemed to be a lot of college-age people living. I was taking a long time to change my pants and shirt which were draped upon a chair on the lawn by a tree and decided to wear a different pair of pants that were also on the chair. The pace of events picked up, people started to awake in the house , and the owner of the pants soon appeared. He led me around the house where various people were doing various things ; in one of the rooms i do recall a sense of shame on my part and/or disapproval on the part of those in the room about my 'vibe'.

    In a previous dream the same night, an imprint of the sole of some cheap shoes I had been wearing, was left upon the soles of my feet. I remember thinking i needed to remove this imprint as otherwise the cheap plastic materials would soak into my body or prevent my feet from breathing.