college days, dream by jeremy.rutman -- Dec. 31, 2019

    Background - I recently left a job and am looking around for what's next.

    The dream - I was at some large hall and met Eric P , 'Mr Cool' from college. He had sung on the first night when all the freshmen met and studied physics like me, and unlike me was exceptionally cool. Anyway this meeting was after college and he had started working in in some investment firm which I thought was pretty boring. He didn't seem too happy but we had talked around the point that if you have to work for a living it might as well pay. He left the hall talking on some sort of satellite phone with a long antenna and I thought, 'that's a pretty unusual dude'. I decided to work in the space program of my current company (which in real life has no such space program) and remember looking around at the expensive solid-rocket compound-mixing machines.