MURDER, dream by jeremy.rutman -- Oct. 5, 2017

    During the day prior to this dream I met an acquaintance on the train from tel aviv to haifa. She's an editor for a hebrew-language newspaper. During the conversation in hebrew i used the hebrew word for literally (miluli) and she felt it was a wrong usage , and subsequently a wierdly vehement disagreement flared which was unfortunate since we were both headed to the same dinner party. Anyway maybe because of feelings of guilt about this I had the following dream.

    I had some sort of daily routine that involved walking past a column of beer bottles set into a stone wall. These were in some way connected with the hiding of a gun, which I had apparently used to kill a man, this episode not actually being in the dream itself - the main emotion being that I was guilty of this terrible crime and was spending my time/mental energy covering my tracks and hiding my guilt.