The institute for transformations of the fixed point, dream by mikele -- Oct. 10, 2010

    I am walking by on some sort of grass. On my right there are kibbutz like cabins, a bit run down, but look nice with the warm light. They are offices of university professors. The last one I am passing by belongs to Shimon Ullman, but he seems not here. I think of him and his smile happily. I continue, and reach a Jussieu looking like place. There, there is a gray cylindrical tower, where the institute for the study of the transformation of the fixed point sits. It is an elite place, I am a bit intimidated by meeting the people there, but they look like nice people. I didn't go up in the tower, standing outside on the plaza. Then, there appears an oldish man, end of his fifties, looking still a little energetic but tired. He seems to know alot and be wise. He looks worried, and looks at me questioningly, but I can't know why.