The Rescue, dream by ShogunRyudan13 -- Oct. 9, 2014

    The dream began in a bus. The seats were covered in soft velvet and green fabrics. It appeared to be daytime. In front of me appeared a young woman, who I had dated one week ago in real life. She was very beautiful with long reddish-brown hair, fair skin, and green eyes. She wore jeans and a red wool sweater.

    The scene was unpleasant however. In front of her was a group of dark-grey figures holding her sideways. The hands gripped her hard. It almost appeared as if they were groping her. Then one grey figure standing in my center view bent forward in an effort to kiss her. But she swayed backward, avoiding his kiss, instead turning toward me.

    When our eyes locked, I instantly knew what I had to do. I rushed forward and began untangling her body from all of those nasty groping hands. Some of the hands I broke like twigs. Then I grabbed hold of the woman's body with both of my arms. The other hands began to pull even harder. Still, in a short move forward and then in one swift turn, I gracefully wrestled her body out of all of those hands.

    Now in my arms, I quickly moved her away from the grey bodies, that were falling about in disarray. It seemed as if some were still trying to figure out, how I snatched her out of their arms. Then I found an empty spot within the bus and placed her there next to the window. I stepped out toward the center aisle, and turned back to the group of grey bodies, boldly facing them. They approached me, but I stood firm, my blood racing through my veins, preparing to fight to the death. I knew, that I was the only obstacle standing in between these grey bodies and her. That very thought awoke in me a giant flame, and I felt as if I was invincible. Indeed the grey bodies approached, but suddenly stopped just short of my arms' reach. We were at a standoff.

    Then, I suddenly viewed myself from outside. There, stood a man wearing sunglasses, an olive green Israeli Defense Forces t-shirt, and black sweatpants. The arms and body were gigantic. The muscles appeared to burst the shirt apart. No wonder all those grey figures stopped! They were facing an unstoppable juggernaut!

    Then I reverted back into my own body. Again, fire building up inside me. What a feeling! Suddenly I felt a tug on my left arm. All my fire vanished and was replaced with soothing water. The young woman wrapped her arms around mine and was pulling me toward her. So there I sat next to her.

    Then I woke up.